Project activities



Preparatory actions

A1. Project Communication Plan

A2. Establishment of the early warning and rapid response (EWRR) institutional framework

A3. Development of the EWRR Training Programme


Core actions

B1. National awareness raising campaign on IAS

B2. EWRR training of professionals and volunteers

B3. Engaging foresters and citizens scientists in collecting IAS data

B4. Involving volunteers in the management of invasive alien plants in urban forests

B5. Canker of maple awareness campaign


Monitoring of project impact

C1. Monitoring of project visibility and trends in public attitudes towards IAS

C2. Evaluating the effectiveness of EWRR system


Communication and dissemination of the project and its results

D1. Dissemination of project results to the general public

D2. International conference on EWRR

D3. Replicability and transferability plan


Project management

E.1 Coordination and administration of the project