Observe, report and help to protect our forests!

Invasive alien species have negative impacts on nature, economy and human health. In the past, there was more focus on species impacting the economy and human health. Nowadays, we know that also their impact on nature is severe and they are considered one of the biggest threats to biodiversity. They also change our forests. Invasive plants can form dense stands and prevent rejuvenation of forests. Insects and fungi may cause dieback of single species, which alters species interactions and changes the structure of the forest ecosystem.

In the last years, we were focused on those alien species, which are already invasive and cause major environmental damage. In a way, this was good, because it made us realise how widespread are some invasive species and how severely they have already changed our environment. However, to effectively manage invasive species, we have to pay attention to those potentially invasive species, which are not yet present in our country or occur in only a few places. These are the species, for which spread and environmental damage in forests can still be prevented with rapid management response. This goal became the focus of the project LIFE ARTEMIS, in which we will build a comprehensive early warning and rapid response system for invasive alien species in forests. Our focus will be on the new potentially invasive species, and we will test different approaches to prevent their spread in our forests. We invite you to join us in our activities and help to protect our forests.

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